September, 22th – 24 th, 2022


Dear friends and colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to organize the next EORT CLTG meeting in Madrid, 22-24 September 2022, on the theme “Cutaneous lymphomas: from molecules to PROs”.

We would like to thank the board of the EORTC CTLG for giving us this opportunity. It is a great honor, we are extremely happy and very excited with this task.

The EORTC CLTG Annual Meeting has been a major event for the scientific community all across Europe and it is constantly evolving, becoming more popular, innovative and influential, while maintaining high standards of scientific quality and family atmosphere.

We plan to organize a meeting including everything related to cutaneous lymphomas, from molecules to patient reported outcomes. We would like to have the latest advances in basic and translational research, the latest data originated from PROCLIPI, the latest novelties in treatment. Very importantly, we will include a session for patients at the end of the meeting.

Besides that, we would like to organize a meeting very comfortable for delegates and attendants, plenty of social interaction, plenty of friendship and maybe with some fun. Please, come to Madrid to present your work, your data, your research; come to Madrid to learn, to teach, to enjoy.

We look forward to welcoming you to Madrid in September 2022.


Julia Scarisbrick, EORTC CLTG Chair
Pablo L Ortiz Romero, Chair of the EORTC CLTG meeting 2022 in Madrid.



Julia Scarisbrick, Chair
Evangelia Papadavid, Secretary
Emmanuella Guenova, Treasurer

Conference Organizing Committee

Pablo L Ortiz Romero
Jose Luis Rodríguez Peralto
Concepción Postigo Llorente
Daniel Falkenhain
Cristina Vico Alonso
Eloy Tarín Vicente
Alba Sánchez Velázquez
Margarita Sánchez-Beato
María S. Rodríguez Pinilla
Marta Rodriguez Moreno
Ruth Alonso

Scientific committee

Chalid Assaf
Martine Bagot
Emilio Berti
Marie Beylot – Barry
Antonio Cozzio
Teresa Estrach
Ricardo Fernández de Misa
Fernando Gallardo
Emmanuella Guenova
Emmilia Hodak
Werner Kempf
Claus-Detlev Klemke
Robert Knobler
Mercedes Morillo

Cristina Muniesa
Jan Nicolay
Pablo Luis Ortiz Romero
Evangelia Papadavid
Ramón Pujol
Pietro Quaglino
Annamari Ranki
Octavio Servitje
Rudolf Stadler
Franz Trautinger
Maarten Vermeer
Sean Whittaker
Rein Willemze



The goal is to offer a comprehensive conference to present new research, share experiences, and discuss new directions or the advancement of knowledge in Cutaneous Lymphomas.

Who attends this meeting 

The conference is designed for international dermatologists, basic scientists, epidemiologists, hematologists, immunologists, oncologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists, and psychologists.
The program committee expects 200-300 attendees. The participation of students and post-doctoral fellows is encouraged through reduced registration fees, oral presentations, and poster sessions.
A session dedicated to patients will be organized on Saturday afternoon in partnership with the newly stablished Spanish Assotiation of Cutaneous Lymphoma Patients.

Conference Focus

The conference will present sessions covering all aspects of cutaneous lymphomas including:

  • Pathophysiology, Genomics and Epigenomics, Molecular targets
  • Immunology, Host response, Animal models, Microenvironment
  • Translational Research, diagnostic and prognostic markers
  • Pathology
  • Epidemiology
  • PROCLIPI research
  • New treatments, clinical trials, topical and systemic therapies, combination of treatments, therapeutic strategies
  • Non MF T-cell lymphoma, B cell lymphoma
  • Quality of Life and Patient Reported outcomes.

A preliminary program will be available end of summer

Program at a glance

  • Thursday, 22 September
  • Friday, 23 September
  • Saturday, 24 September
8:00h Sessions for EORTC/clinical trials/research projects
13:00h Congress opening
13:30h Industry symposium 1
14:30h Oral sessions
19:00h Poster session 1
20:30h Welcome cocktail. Get together
8:30h Industry symposium 2
9:30h Guest Lecture. Prof Miguel A Piris Pinilla
10:10h Guest Lecture. Manuel Serrano
10:50h Oral sessions
13:00h Lunch
13:30h Industry symposium 3
14:30h Oral sessions
18:00h Memorial lecture
18:30h EORTC CLTF General Assembly
19:00h Poster Session 2
20:30h Congress dinner
8:30h Industry symposium 4
9:30h Oral presentations
13:30h Industry symposium 5
14:30h Meeting closure
15:30h Patient’s symposium